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Welcome to the Portfolio of Aron Lawton-Wright,
Freelance Illustration and Digital Retouching

Vector Graphics


Illustration in Digital or Traditional Mediums

I offer an illustration service tailored to your needs, whether its raster or vector digital illustration or in traditional mediums like pencil, ink or paint. If you are looking for designs for websites, prints, logo creation, T shirts, fashion, album covers, packaging, promotions or anything commercial / advertising art related then you came to the right place.

Digital Retouching

I offer a digital retouching service, retouching is used by almost all high end photographers and advertising companies. It can transform an image of a subject like a product, concept or person to make it more appealing, and in business this means more sales and interest.

This service is ideally suited for: headshots, restoration, weddings, real estate, commercial/ advertising and other edits of this nature.


I can take your painting brief and make it reality in acrylics. Paintings change the ambience of many physical spaces from coffee shops to office spaces, this also helps to reflect your brands image.

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I hope you enjoy the selection of art I have included in my portfolio. I am including a few different sections – Illustration, paintings and retouching.


When it comes to illustration I like a number of different styles, such as bold and colourful, freehand sketch, realistic art, and traditional black and white. I am not bound by any particular style as I like to be open to create anything, but I was always inspired by the designs on skateboards and surfboards growing up, they would be so eye catching and dramatic with their explosive energy and big bold mixes of colours and crazy off the wall ideas, each surf or skate brand would have their own style which was heavily influenced by lifestyle and music, and you would see this coming through their designs, from punk rock, metal or hiphop, to chilled out alternative music. The graphics could encapsulate that feeling of the time and make you feel it, and thats what I love about illustration,  one image can give you so much. The same can be said for tattoo art, layers of meanings wrapped up in a personal custom design, telling a story, or reflecting different stages or the journey in ones life in that one art piece.

I approach each piece in various ways depending on the look and feel I’m trying to achieve. some may start from pencil drawings or ink outlines and others may start directly on the computer. Although I respect and carry out the traditional methods to creating art, advances in technology have given opportunities that just would not have been possible before, mistakes can be corrected, ideas can be tested quickly, so you can create the piece of art you had envisioned. I like to stay up to date on technology and art / design software and hardware so I can be as flexible and open to new ideas as possible. I am an avid user of Affinity Designer a relatively new vector based piece of software, and have also made tutorials regarding some of the designs you see on my website, these can be seen on the Affinity TV channel on the new Apple Tv, check it out!


I have extensive experience in photo retouching / Image manipulation. I am proficient in using Adobe Photoshop and other related software. please check out my retouching page for before and after examples of my work.

Photo retouching is often referred to as digital retouching, photo airbrushing, image editing, photo manipulation, image enhancement, photo fixing and is used by almost all leading photographers and post production specialists. At present retouching is used on almost every image you see around you, such as photos of models in magazines and posters, adverts promoting or selling anything from beauty products and fashion, to vehicles and real estate, the list is endless. Advances in technology, computers and software in recent years has opened up a new world of possibilities in photo manipulation. 


My paintings explore the relationship between states of mind. I choose different styles and colours to help evoke the spectrum of feelings humans experience. I believe art can open ones imagination, and a single painting / art piece can lead them to see or feel things they did not experience before seeing it. I also like to paint pieces that explore current affairs and pop culture. I love the art of England from painters such as Joseph Mallord William Turner and his mood filled landscape pieces. I have used acrylic on canvas in the paintings seen on my website. 

I offer a bespoke illustration and digital retouching service with a mission to exceed client expectations

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